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The Passion of Christ Auditions

Dear All

The auditions for the Passion Plays will be held in St Mary and St Lawrence Church, Great Waltham on Saturday 21st January at 10.30am, and Sunday 22nd January at 2.30pm.

All will be welcome, from any church or none! To register an interest contact either: Michael – (01245 360483) Or Keith – (01245 361701).

Please download the information sheet by clicking this link

The sheet has details about the cast list and available parts – if you let us know the part or parts you’re interested in we will send you the relevant parts of the script for you to look at before you come to audition.

If you can’t make either of these dates still contact us and we will try to arrange an alternative time. Our aim will be to include everyone who wants to take part, in a role that is appropriate to them. The information on the sheet may help you decide what you want to do.

Please do forward this email to anyone who you think might like to be a part of the Passion Play, in whatever capacity, or email me with their contact details.

There is a dedicated page about the Passion Play on the Great Waltham Church website under Community for anyone who would like to know more.
(on behalf of Michael Proctor)