September 2013


“Take the first step in faith…you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  (Martin Luther King)


   We are praying that donations will be forthcoming.  This is probably the most pressing need at this time, as an event on this scale will require significant funding.

  We are also praying at this early stage for the Big Meeting on 20 October 2013, where anyone interested in participating or helping in any way, or who is just curious, can turn up at Holy Trinity Church and show support. Many people with time and talents will be needed to help.  We pray for the necessary mix of different gifts and talents.


:-)  We give thanks for the very welcome patronage and support of The Right Reverend John Wraw, Bishop of Bradwell, and for the ongoing faithful prayer support of the Sisters of the Convent of The Poor Clares of Lynton.