January 2014


:-) :-) We give thanks that Voices for Christmas was such a resounding success.  Kevin Walsh was fantastic (no surprises there then) and valuable funds were raised.  Very moving, sometimes very amusing, and, above all, some very fresh slants on the nativity story.  We thank God for Kevin and for all his performances for us.


 We pray that the 1st RUN-THROUGH OF THE SCRIPT taking place on Sun 14 Jan will encourage and enthuse all those involved.

 We pray also that the last smaller parts and non-speaking parts will soon be filled.


“Come, Holy spirit, fill our hearts, our minds, our words, our actions.  Breathe your life and your truth into us.  Enable us to tell your story in your way, Lord Jesus, Master Storyteller.”  (from our “official” Prayer for the SWF Passion Play)